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Blaster Master Zero

Mutant Blasting Action Adventure Coming March 9th, 2017


Blaster Master Zero Ver. 1.4 is here, and with it, the brand new "Boss Blaster Mode"! Battle against the entire game's bosses solo or with a friend in this free update! We also have a brand new wallpaper featuring Jason, Eve, and Fred on a diving adventure as a thank you to everyone for helping us hit 110,000 downloads!
Blaster Master Zero has eclipsed 100,000 downloads, so we made a brand new wallpaper as a thank you to our amazing fans!
The 1/2 genie hero Shantae is now available as a playable DLC character! Download her for free on the Nintendo eShop until 7/19/2017!
Two new DLC characters have been revealed at Anime Expo! Welcome indie game legends Shantae and Shovel Knight to the world of Blaster Master Zero!
Ekoro, the brand new EX Character who hails from the Gal*Gun universe, is now available! This DLC will be free to download from 6/1/2017 through 6/14/2017.
New Blaster Master Zero wallpaper as a thank you to fans for 80,000 downloads!
Blaster Master Zero Ver. 1.2 is now available! Enjoy the new super difficult Destroyer Mode and EX Character Mode, which allows you to play as a cast of DLC characters! A demo version is also available, so first timers can now give the game a try before they buy!
Blaster Master Zero North American/European Release Wallpaper Added.
Blaster Master Zero Japan Release Wallpaper Added.
The official Blaster Master Zero homepage is now open!